Abigail Dolan’s career encompasses worldwide performances as a concert flautist, research into musical performance and leadership roles in arts administration and management. Abigail founded and served as Artistic Director of the Intimate Engagements concert series at Clare Hall in Cambridge. She is co-founder and CEO of Symphonova.  


Born in Jerusalem, Abigail studied at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, and later took advanced flute classes with Alain Marion and Jean-Pierre Rampal in Paris and with Aurele Nicolet in Basle.


Abigail’s research focuses on the study of musical performance, examining it from historical and cognitive perspectives, with a special interest in exploring ways to apply the insights gained in performance.

Multiple Performances

In the recording project presented below I explored multiple versions of Debussy’s Syrinx for flute solo.

Flute Historical Recordings

The study strives to establish a new understanding of the creative dimension of musical performance…

Artistic Direction

Abigail is artistic director of the Symphonova Project and of the Intimate Engagements chamber-music concert series at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.